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Website Consolidation

Websites are like pet mice: if you’re not careful, you can get a lot. As a marketer, it’s easy to find yourself surrounded by websites: sites for new products sites inherited from the company you acquired, sites designed to avoid disrupting the IT team, and – load, on-site ebullient 2015 year. If you don’t catch it, this digital environment consumes your care and attention.

But clearing all these sites is a task. A name and content production process may be required to ensure a smooth transition for users and content. Your primary site may contain issues that led to the creation of these sites in the first place. Although website linking is often beneficial, it is difficult to know when the benefits will outweigh the costs.

At BFM, we often see these issues arise when customers visit a detailed website. Some of the restructurings are the need for intervention. In other cases, customers are not sure whether to install a website and ask us to do a verification.

Because this question comes up so often, we’ve created a guide to help you understand everything about website consolidation. The article touches on user experience, branding and visual design, content strategy, SEO, and technical requirements—and other issues, across a variety of disciplines that help create website consolidation. This guide doesn’t answer every question we might be thinking about, but it does cover the questions we often get asked during website design.

To give you an idea of ​​what is in the guide, we will share three questions that talk about integration from three different perspectives.

User Experience: Does Your Audience Have Similar Or Different User Journeys?

User groups differ in how much information they need to make a decision, how many times they can visit a site before converting, and what content convinces them. B2B buyers of sites like may find comfort in a lot of information, while consumers may be interested in clear pictures, helpful surveys, and quick checkout.

Website information should be designed and organized to provide what users want, if users have conflicting needs – if one group wants simplicity and the other wants something – then they can improve various site functions.

The same goes for headlines. An effective website prioritizes the most important things users can do. A website with five priorities does not exist. If you want users to perform different sets of critical actions, it’s best to keep them separate.

Services that may (or may not!) be placed on a separate site or subdomain include e-commerce (if the business has another strategic goal to focus on, such as lead generation) or support (if there is a large database of self-service content) associated with a group of users).

Service: Will Linking The Site Raise Legal Issues?

In highly regulated industries such as finance or healthcare, certain disclosures may be necessary to accompany certain website content. In some cases, some content may require legal approval. Just in case, you might look at the top 11 B2B websites in the world. These terms may make it impossible or inappropriate to mix different types of content. In these cases, the compliance team becomes an important task force because the last thing you want from a website service is compliance-enforcement.

Content: Can You Take Advantage Of Cross-selling?

Clients who come to us often worry that their clients don’t understand the scope of what they are doing. They rightly see the new website as an opportunity to introduce more services to the important work environment. If this is an important goal, your users will have a more consistent experience if you are selling on the same site.

The Bottom Line

If website consolidation sounds like something you want to do, a website integration service can make the process stress-free. Once your site is fully integrated, you can have more time in your day! Do not hesitate to ask questions about website integration, or about website integration or URL redirection. Sites are constantly growing and changing, which means that site owners have no choice but to link their sites at some point, so it’s better to start thinking about site integration now instead of waiting until it will be difficult for you in your sex life.