7 Ways TradeKey Can Help You Successfully Boost Industrial Sourcing In China

Industrial Sourcing In China

TradeKey is known to be one of the top online B2B marketplaces helping international buyers connect with Chinese suppliers for over a decade. The purpose behind launching this B2B platform was that we understood the difficulties international buyers and suppliers were facing while trying to reach out to businesses across borders and sometimes even continents. However, thanks to our trade portal, businesses from across the globe can easily get their company listed and successfully boost industrial sourcing in China.

Our free to use B2B trade portal can help you find qualified manufacturers and suppliers in no time, though you’ll have to register your organization to avail our quality services first. However, once you are done with that, you’ll be able to view complete contact details of relevant businesses, their products, services and you can even get assistant from our representatives in connecting with the right buyers and suppliers. Now, we are aware that as business heads and decision-makers you may be too busy to signup; therefore, we have created a list of reasons why you should take time out and register today on TradeKey.

1. Verified Directory of Leading Chinese Buyers and Suppliers

TradeKey Industrial Sourcing In China

TradeKey has over 9.3 million registered users. You can get access to the list of all these businesses by merely joining the family. In addition, we ensure that all the suppliers you see on our B2B Chinese directory are verified. Our qualified analysts carefully study each supplier to maintain detailed and rich company profiles. Our data include;

  • Essential business details – Name of the contact person, complete address, contact details, country of origin, and key products.
  • Complete product catalog
  • Sell Offers
  • Trust Profile – “An insight to the identity and legitimacy of your trading partners on TradeKey.com.”
  • Brochure Catalog

2. Find and Compare Leading Buyers and Suppliers in no Time

TradeKey Trade Profile

The process of comparing businesses can take you ages in most scenarios. However, to make it easier, we have introduced a grading system called Trust Profile. This system allows you to see which businesses are more credible than others. You can use the search tab available to find businesses relevant to specific products, offers, country/region, or you can simply search with the name of a company you’re looking for. This evaluation platform will assist you in connecting with the best business.

3. Request for Information (RFI) With a Click of Button

Now you can submit a query directly to the contact person of an organization with the help of a button. You’ll find a contact now button available on every company profile. All you have to do is enter the subject and the message you wish to deliver.

However, you have to be a registered TK member to place a query. Though the time duration of the expected reply isn’t stated anywhere, you can assume that the contact person will reply as soon as they see your query. Although, in case of an emergency, you can also publish a buy or sell offer and wait for businesses to contact you directly. This is an excellent way to fall under the radar of leading buyers and suppliers on our B2B trade portal.

4. Post Your Buy and Sell Offer

As I mentioned in the 3rd point, TradeKey permits members to post offers of products that they are willing to sell urgently. Over the years, offer posting has turned out to be a successful strategy. Buyers and sellers both see precisely what businesses are ready to sell or buy. Such offers also reduce the chances of questions or confusions arising. As you probably already know what a specific company is interested in. If you don’t believe us, signup today and post your first offer to experience rapid B2B lead generation.

5. We Can Help you Close Orders

Tradekey Digital Services

If you are simply looking for rapid growth and lead generation, then you can also opt for our premium B2B services. Once you become a premium Tradekey member, you’ll get access to exclusive services from our experts marketing agents. Currently, we offer four cost-effective plans to our members. Feel free to choose the one that suits both your budget and requirements.

6. Help Us Grow By Sharing Your Thoughts

Though we have been around for over a decade connecting businesses for international trade, our hunger to grow has never faded. We still introduce new features on our online platform every now and then. In addition, we have also launched our learning center filled with informative content that can help you begin your industrial sourcing in China.

Tradekey Support

However, we never could have reached this position without our loyal members. Therefore, we are always open to suggestions and feedback from you. Feel free to reach out to us to share your thoughts by either sending an email, calling us on our official number or by connecting with us on our 24/7 live support.

The Verdict

B2B companies are emerging on the global grid every day. However, due to many international restraints, new and small businesses avoid dealing with foreign traders. With China’s cost-effective manufacturing abilities, you can’t deny buying from a Chinese supplier. Without industrial sourcing in China, you may never be able to enter the price war that is currently present in almost every market.

Therefore, to get into this race without having to visit China physically, you can sign up on TradeKey. All the points mentioned above are worth your time and investment of resources on our online B2B marketplace. So join our trade portal today and witness your business accelerate within no time.