Crucial Reasons Why Every B2B Company Should Join an Online B2B Trade Portal?

Online B2B Trade Portal - TradeKey

Unlike successful and market leading B2B platforms, you don’t always have millions of dollars in your budget to boost your marketing and sales approach. In addition, small businesses also don’t enjoy the brand value that most established B2B companies do. However, you can still manage to grab the attention you need to survive in this competitive environment and generate handsome revenue by simply joining the best online B2B trade portal.

With the help of The Internet and various digital marketing strategies, you can comfortably promote your brand without having to spend all your budget. Also, you can sign up on an online B2B marketplace like TradeKey, and many others to get your hands on authentic lists of buyers and suppliers as well as get your brand listed. These B2B platforms are dedicated to connecting international buyers and suppliers from numerous of industries.

Regardless of how you can benefit from entering the B2B environment, you should be familiar with how this industry operates and how you can make the most by getting listed in an online B2B trade portal.

What is a B2B Company?

Business to business refers to any venture trading with another company. On the other hand, B2C refers to ventures that deal with their clients or customers. When you see two businesses developing a relationship in the form of buying and selling, you can call them B2B.

Online B2B Trade Portal

In addition, communication channels used in a B2B environment are quite formal and professional. Nowadays, it’s quite easier to find a B2B company in almost every market, niche or industry.

What is a B2B Trade Portal?

A B2B trade portal is an online platform where organizations can showcase their products, services and brand.

The primary purpose behind these trade platforms is to dedicate a space or page to every brand that wishes to see their products and services listed online. A B2B marketplace is almost like a shopping mall where enterprises and look for relevant products and businesses for future trading. If you are thinking about the price levels, then let me be clear that prices may vary from business to business. The most loyal ones or the ones who place the largest orders can receive the biggest discount.

An online B2B marketplace helps innovative brands generate high-quality leads. Regardless of your size, if you want to become a notable B2B company, then such online portals can assist you in surviving in today’s competitive market.

Also, few global B2B marketplaces also offer additional services in return for a reasonable price. These B2B premium services involve providing ventures with digital marketing facilities. From creating your website to getting it ranked on SERPs, to generating your social presence, all these come with the package. In addition, they also save your time by connecting you with potential buyers and suppliers according to your demands. A guarantee of lead generation is something any business would be willing to invest in. Having that said, here are a few crucial reasons why every B2B company should be listed in B2B trading platforms.

1. Easy to Set-up

B2B marketplaces permit users to easily and quickly set up their page or account. No need to spend weeks on setting up your storefront. Simply, signup, insert your business logo, add a contact email, a few details regarding your organization, and a link to your official site. Yes, it’s that easy!

2. Access to a List of Millions of Buyers and Suppliers

What are B2B brands looking for? Recognition, exposure and a quick way to find and be found. Well, B2B marketplaces are doing precisely that! They allow you to connect with an authentic and relevant audience.

Online B2B Trade Portal

One of the best benefits of registering on an online B2B marketplace is to get your hands on a verified directory filled with buyers and suppliers. E.g., TradeKey confirms that they have over 9 million registered users on their trade portal. This directory is filled with active traders, and just like you, they are also looking for authentic buyers and suppliers. Therefore, you can expect the response rate to be pretty high.

3. A Great Way to Reduce your Marketing Cost

A severe concern every business, especially small and new ones, have is the cost of B2B marketing. However, when it comes to the B2B marketplace, you can simply get exposure with little to no fee at all. That means if you aren’t interested in spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on creating a digital platform, you can relax.

No need to spend all your budget on running advertisements as you’ll already be a part of an online marketplace where many relevant buyers and suppliers will be present.

B2B trade websites are well designed and valuable on the internet. Therefore, business leaders simply have to join such online B2B portals, add a few details about their business and experience their brand become a notable name in their respective industry.

4. Opportunity to Research

If you aren’t aware of what your competitors are up to, how can you leap ahead of them? This clearly indicates that without knowing about your competition, you can’t plan your next move. You can use B2B trade portals to scout your competition and compare products.

B2B marketplaces are filled with marketing leaders, and you can spend time going through all the details they share. That also includes their services and products. This tactic will help you in understanding the current market conditions for your niche and how you can overcome them by simply planning your next strategy.


However, others are also going to be on your tail. That means you’ll always have to be on your toes because you’ll have to constantly revamp your offers to maintain your reputation as a valuable B2B company.

Also, such marketplaces allow you to make a better choice as a buyer. You can compare a specific business listed on one B2B platform with another one registered on a separate online marketplace. This lets you choose between a variety of companies and offers.

5. A Safer Platform to Test Your Products

If you are always on edge at the time of a product launch, you can rest assured. Why? Because you can use the full potential of the audience on a B2B platform to test a product. Business owners can add a single or a group of products under their brand. After analyzing the response for each product, you can either pull or push forward by initiating a B2B marketing campaign on the highly demanded ones.

The audience and number of registered users on an international B2B marketplace can be used in your favor to determine the success of a new product in no time.

6. Massive Boost in SEO

Startups and SMBs are usually more careful while spending their money on B2B marketing campaigns. Therefore, they lack the potential resource to invest in hiring specialist B2B marketers to promote their business.

However, if we consider the importance of SEO, then it’s a clear-cut necessity in the modern B2B environment. Businesses have to invest in keyword researching, creation of high-quality, informative content and a massive link building campaign.

B2B Trade SEO

Well, a B2B trade portal can take care of your concerns to an extent.

These online portals help a B2B website in getting an immediate ranking boost. While signing up, businesses add their website link and contact details. This will generate tremendous brand awareness for their brand as well as Google’s recognition.

At the start, when business leaders are looking for ways to market their brand online, this SEO technique can leverage their approach and grow their business.

Wrap Up

Online B2B trade portals are an economical and efficient way for all B2B companies to benefit from boosted SEO gains, brand awareness, thorough competition analysis and product testing.

By inserting company details on the best online B2B trade portal, a business will be able to generate quality leads, establish long-term relationships and successfully grow in this competitive modern B2B environment.