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Gift Cards

Gift card giving has experienced tremendous growth, partly due to the epidemic and global change in online shopping, but also due to the convenience that comes with electronic cards. Today’s customers expect to be able to apply, buy and share gift cards online.

There are even more reasons for e-commerce businesses to use gift cards. Not only are they required to meet customer expectations, but they are also part of the marketing mix that increases flexibility.

In this blog, we will explore how online stores can earn money with gift cards and share a list of strategies to improve your sales. Let’s dive into how to run an effective gift certificate program.

Why Sell Gift Cards?

If you’re still unsure about selling gift cards on your website, here are a few reasons why you should include them in your marketing plan:

  • strong power. As we live in a busy world, many stores fail on time. Gift cards give givers and recipients a valuable opportunity to shop when the time comes.
  • No loss of value. Did you know that the average customer spends about $60 more than the value of a gift card? This means that you will get an increase in cash flow when you sell gift cards. Also, to get profit, no big money is required.
  • increases the popularity of the brand. We all know that attracting new customers is more expensive than retaining old ones. In fact, the ability to share gift certificates allows your brand advertiser to do the work for you.
  • Competitive advantage. While this marketing strategy won’t make you an e-commerce leader overnight, it can help you stand out from your peers. Why not use that opportunity to make your business unique?
  • It’s great for omnichannel marketing. Just released a mobile app? Looking to drive more traffic to your brick-and-mortar store? Gift cards can be redeemed for additional benefits when used in specific channels. Otherwise, you can share them through certain media channels to promote your target customers or use gift cards as part of your omnichannel loyalty program.

Tips For Boosting Gift Card Sales

Although the holiday season is the time to get gift cards on sale, any season is a good time to change your strategy and make e-cards more attractive to consumers. Here are 7 strategies that can help you improve your bottom line when the market is down.

Method #1. Make E-Cards More Visible

Can your customers get gift cards easily from the front page? Are gift certificates included in the Key Tree? Are your customers aware of gift card availability?

Be sure to communicate this to your visitors through multiple marketing channels and display the e-card on your website.

Also, you should include different types for customers to choose from.

Method #2. Skip The Sale To Pick Up A Gift Card

Cross-selling services. Why not use cross-marketing e-cards where it’s convenient?

For example, you have a variety of special products dedicated to different holidays on top 11 B2B websites in the world. Gift cards with different values ​​can attract some gift-seeking shoppers and give their friends another gift option.

Method #3. Make Them Available On Different Channels

If you’re introducing gift cards, ensure all of your customers (regardless of their preferred communication and shopping channels) understand your gift card offer.

If you’ve used this marketing mix for a while, consider creating unique deals tailored to the channel. It doesn’t hurt to issue gift cards for specific media channels: newspapers, social media, Google ads, etc. is one of the finest examples of this point. 

Method #4. Talk About Gift Cards

Never forget anything you do online. Gift cards are no exception. If you work both online and offline, make sure to tell your merchant immediately that e-cards are available.

Consider adding that name to your email signature, or create a closing note for your support group representative that includes that name.

McDonald’s “Would you like fries?” I have one question, their sales have increased. Why not learn from their success?

Method #5. Create A Unique Holiday E-Card

limited edition. Only 100 items. Only this spring.

Customers feel special and get special gifts and products.

A beautiful e-card designed and made for a special occasion can be one of the ways that will help you go viral and attract the attention of your audience (and even more).

Method #6. Add Compensation

Here’s a proven way to increase the value of gift cards sold. Buy one get one free.

Consider incentivizing the purchase of high-value e-cards by offering free e-cards as rewards.

Customers love getting free gifts, so why not give them the opportunity to enjoy your product for free for themselves or their friends.