How Animation In Content Marketing Can Benefit B2B Companies

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When you consider the current environment, you can see that technology is advancing the B2B industry. Novel approaches are becoming more popular, specifically when it comes to the use of animation.

The advantages of B2B animation are already being lauded by several marketers. What makes animated videos so effective is their ability to successfully capture the audience’s attention.

They are also well known for being flexible, making it simple to use them in any context, whether it be serious, humorous, or emotional. Now for the most crucial query: why are B2B companies adopting motion in their content marketing strategies more frequently?

What Advantages Does Animation Have?

One of the biggest trends in visual material right now is animation. But there’s one thing we can all agree on: Today’s viewers genuinely appreciate and enjoy looking at photographs.

40.8% of marketers, as per the most recent data, already publish video elements two to five times per week. These are a few prominent benefits of animation:

  • In animation, you may visually convey a lot of information.
  • Concepts can be quickly communicated with the use of animation without the usage of extra words or visuals.
  • Videos with animation can help you focus on what matters. It helps to distinguish your content from similar ones on the market. 
  • Videos that are animated are simple to update.
  • Animated videos enhance your visual content.

Why Use Animation In Content Marketing For B2B Businesses?

You should take into account using animation in your B2B content marketing because your potential consumers can be educated and entertained by a well-made animation. It aids kids in simply comprehending difficult concepts. A person is also more likely to remember information seen visually than information read in words.

Additionally, compared to live video, animation gives you greater control over your brand and image. Your animated videos can even incorporate colors, words, and images that reflect your brand.

Forms Of Animation That Are Effective For Content Marketing

Consider using some of the well-liked animation styles listed below:

2D Animation

The most popular type of video animation utilized in content marketing nowadays is 2D animation. It not only has low prices but also yields superior results.

Moreover, avoid using 2D animated films in your demo. This is because 2D animation stimulates your audience on an emotional level rather than a rational one.

The “By the Numbers” video advertisement from Mastercard is a fantastic example of 2D animation. It conveys Mastercard’s global influence in a simple and relatable manner.

3D Animation

3D animation is a more intricate type of animation that can be used in content marketing. It helps businesses to create engaging, highly interactive films with realistic characters and settings.

Videos with animated 3D graphics are an excellent method to deliver a powerful message that would be challenging to explain without them.
3D animation has the ability to grab viewers’ attention, which can give your marketing campaigns the much-needed boost they require. This kind of animation can be useful if you want to convey the history of your company.

The speed with which 3D animation may be created is also its best feature. All you have to do is have your concept ready, then use software to turn it into animated images.

Animation Techniques For Content

Let’s now take a closer look at the two ways that animation can be used in your content. Let’s start:

Animated Explainer Videos

B2B businesses that sell top-notch goods, such as, use explainer animated videos to convince their customers. As previously mentioned, these videos are fantastic for thoroughly engaging your audience while educating them about your offerings.

Explainer animated videos may make an impact by amusing and touching your viewers in under a minute. What happened? You may boost sales by clearly stating what makes you different from the competition.

GIF Animations

Animated GIFs are visual content pieces that use eye-catching graphics to immediately attract potential customers. These GIFs, as opposed to a still images, assist in creating a dynamic tale at a time when attention spans are getting shorter.


To conclude, the tactics used in content marketing frequently vary. For the time being, it seems to be moving more toward visual communication. As a result, take into account using animation while creating your content marketing strategy. The upcoming? Animation can help your B2B business, increasing sales in a much-needed way.