Gamification: How the Hiring Process Has Evolved?


Gamification: What innovations have you introduced in your hiring process over the years? I’m pretty sure most of you will simply say that you’ve added a requirement test. Though a test is a healthy way of evaluating candidates, you can completely understand the skill level a person possesses with a one hour test. Even if you increase the number of interviews one has to give, you won’t be able to know if they’ll perform in the future or not.

In the modern world, you have to introduce modern techniques like Gamification to evaluate the mindset, and skills of candidate. Gamification is the process of converting an aptitude test which involves candidates to perform certain tasks and take important decisions in the form of a game. Currently, many leading organizations have adopted this form of test to select the perfect candidate for the job. This technology has made hiring process fun, interactive, and much more accurate in recognizing talent. Here are a few more reasons to introduce gamification in your hiring process.

1. Better Evaluation

There are strong chances that a candidate may not do so well in the first interview. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fit for the. There is a strong possibility that the candidate either isn’t good at speaking or has zero experience in giving interviews. You can’t simply reject a person just because they have failed to present a well-formatted resume.

Gaming assessments, on the other hand, have to ability to bring the best out of anyone. Why? Because we all can play a game! In addition, when you’re having fun, the chances of performing better enhance. With the help of gamified assessments, you’ll be able to offer your candidates a better evaluation environment.

2. Target a Wider Audience

Going through resumes is headache HR executives have to bear. However, when the count enters into a triple-figure, it can become challenging to reach out to every candidate and determine which ones should be shortlisted. On the other hand, there are cases when companies don’t get enough inquiries for a vacancy, which makes it harder for them to connect with the right candidates. In order to successfully target the right audience, you’ll have to opt for gamification. Gamified assessments are capable of reaching out to a wider audience in a cost-effective manner.

Games are fun, so you can expect more people to try their luck. In addition, with the right cases and scenarios used in the game, you can experience people flaunt the capabilities.

3. Fair Chance for All Applicants

Its human nature to either like or dislike a person. The same nature can create a big problem in the hiring process. Some resumes either say too much or too less. There is a risk that the one viewing the resumes may get biased. On the other hand, many employers consider “experience” a significant aspect in shortlisting a candidate.

However, there are many other crucial indicators that should be focused on while selecting the ideal applicant. Due to the limitations in evaluating people through an interview and their resume, the hiring manager makes mistakes in picking the right one. Although this process can be evolved and improved by simply introducing gaming assessment.

4. Makes Your Brand Standout

By introducing gamification, not only will you be able to find a better workforce, it will also benefit your brand and experience as a whole. A better hiring process enhances your reputation in the industry. That encourages more experienced and qualified individuals also to apply. Their willingness to work for you can help you beat your competitors and grow your organization. Remember, teamwork is one of the most crucial qualities of a successful organization.


Hiring the perfect individual is very important for a business. However, with competition between applicants getting fierce, it has become a challenge for the HR department to choose the perfect fit. That’s where gamification can make your life much easier.

By introducing a gaming assessment, you can evaluate candidates at a whole new level. In addition, such inclusion will also make your brand look more professional garnering more considerable attention from leading specialists in your respective industry. Start taking gaming assessments before hiring to get the best workforce recruited.