5 Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing – Benefits of Video Marketing

5 Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing

How many videos do you watch daily? Research has discovered that netizens watch over 500 million hours of videos on YouTube every day. That clearly indicates that internet users love watching video content online.

Nowadays, in this world of technology fast world that we live in, it’s challenging to find innovative and exclusive ways to make your commodities prominent in the market. Video marketing is an old way to show off your product; however, it’s still productive and an effective way to sell your products to the views.

If you think through a buyer’s point of view, they will never waste their time to read a minute information page. They would prefer to watch a 2-minute video which would also seem much more attractive and creative. In this hectic world, nobody has that much time to read an informative review of any products.

If you haven’t used this digital marketing strategy yet, then don’t overthink, jump in the game. Check out these five chief benefits of video marketing for your online B2B platform.

1.      Increase in Conversion Rates

Video can be considered as an investment as video on a landing page it can grow conversions by around 80%. By watching a fascinating host in a video can ultimately impact purchasing actions and encourage a visitor to convert into a lead. Passing on the correct reactions through video is a powerful selling technique. Additionally, they can help as in-built tutorials or testimonials, dependent on the angle you’re going for. Make sure you make that video attractive and convincing enough to convert a customer easily into a lead. As well as it should be easy enough for them to understand.

2.      A Great Addition to Email Marketing Campaigns

If you add specifically video in your subject line of the email, you will have higher chances and umbers of the click-through rates. We can’t deny the fact that people prefer to watch a video rather than waste time reading a long and complicated email. People would find it attractive to see a video in the marketing email. This is, for the most part, effective if you’re representing how to use your product or express something that you can’t get through with the same influence through the written statements.

3.      Search engines love video.

Search engines consider content that absorbs viewers. Nothing attracts more frequent and lengthier page views reasonably like a video. On the other hand, YouTube is the second main search engine behind Google. If you upload your video on YouTube along with your website, your prominence and opportunity to show up in search results are significantly increased. Additionally, if you support your video through social media, your probabilities of getting found will go beyond limits.

4.      Trust and Credibility

Video is the picture-perfect way to create nature for your business and your brand, allowing you to associate with your viewer and earn their trust and reliability. Product videos are supportive of the decision-making process. The more videos you have to help make aware and inform your customers, the more you will form on that foundation of trust. And trust translates to sales. Other than that, people believe what they see. They will trust you more if you show them something visually.

5.      The video encourages social shares

Nowadays, viral videos are trending. Many people further share videos with others. In this way, your video will reach a more extensive range of people. This is a crucial time for the company to make something attractive and fun. Through this, you can tell others about your product in a better way. Using humor to let your company’s personality shine through will encourage shares every time


Video marketing is only rising in scope, and your imagination only limits you. From fashioning a how-to video through Facebook live, there is an extensive range of prospects for you to choose from. It’s not only for popular brands anymore. Everyone should be getting on the game. People should learn how to attract consumers and viewers in the best possible way. Causing an influence and positive impact on them would help you to many covert leads and create a successful business.