Top 10 B2B Marketplaces – Best Alibaba B2B Competitors to Trust

Alibaba Competitors

Are you looking for an opportunity to enter the global market? Do you want to know how to become an export business? Well, if you were running a B2B company a decade ago, you may have faced several challenges in connecting with international B2B buyers. However, in the modern B2B environment, you can sign up on the top B2B marketplaces to begin your global trading journey.

Nowadays, there are numerous online B2B marketplaces that are dedicated to helping businesses connect with foreign buyers within days. When we talk about foreign B2B marketplaces, the most notable one that comes up is Alibaba. Alibaba has been operating at the top for years. However, you can’t expect to get all the business you want from one platform. There are many Alibaba B2B competitors that you can refer to, to generate more leads and conversions. Here are the top Alibaba competitors you should join today to experience business growth.

Top B2B Marketplaces Known for Being Potential Alibaba Competitors

1. Tradekey

TradeKey - Alibaba Competitors

TradeKey is a popular name in this list, with over ten years of experience in connecting leading buyers with Chinese suppliers. This company was initially launched in 2006 and has helped businesses from over 240 countries. This worldwide B2B marketplace currently has over 9.4 million registered members.

When it comes to choosing the best online B2B marketplace, you’ll inevitably come across a lifelong battle being fought in China, known as Tradekey vs. Alibaba. Since Alibaba is a local Chinese setup, they did have a competitive edge over Tradekey. In addition, due to this intense competition, many anti-Tradekey movements were made viral online; which included titles like, Tradekey scam, Tradekey frauds, Tradekey 垃圾 (trash), Tradekey 骗子 (liar), and many more. Regardless of all these putdowns, this leading B2B platform held its ground and continued serving its clients.

Their efforts in promoting international trade have made a significant impact on the GDP of many nations. Also, many countries have experienced a substantial increase in the import and export potential they possess. They also offer digital services to premium members who are looking for digital solutions for their brand. Also, to facilitate businesses from around the globe, their platform is available in several languages including, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish.

This foreign B2B marketplace is one of the first online platforms to get the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security System certifications. These certifications ensure a safe digital environment for all registered B2B members.

2. Amazon Business

Next up is none other than the emerging online marketplace, Amazon. Though Amazon is more popular for its B2C eCommerce platform, its B2B setup is also getting lots of attention. In addition, due to the rising number of international B2B companies, Amazon Business has become a great platform.

With the help of Amazon Business, small, medium and large businesses can begin their international trade journeys. Though there are many online B2B marketplaces with the same approach, you can join Amazon Business to make a substantial impact in Asia. As a brand, Amazon has found loads of success for the past few years. This brand can help you set a strong impact in the B2B world.

3. Global Sources

Global Sources

Global Sources is one of the first online B2B Marketplaces to get listed on NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). After launching its platform in the year 2000, this Singaporean company managed to attract leading B2B buyers and suppliers. Every year, thousands of online platforms pay lots of cash to get their brand featured on this B2B marketplace. Global Sources has set their objective to offer a comfortable and friendly platform for global suppliers and buyers to connect.

This Alibaba B2B competitor is also offering a directory filled with leading Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. Furthermore, Global Sources is affiliated with the International Trade Fairs of Hong Kong. This is a trade event that is participated by all leading buyers and suppliers from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan.

One of the best qualities of this online B2B platform is that all its users are authentic and verified. Therefore, if you are looking for quality brands, then this platform should surely be the one you should operate on.

4. Made-in-China


Made-in-China is one of the oldest B2B marketplaces launched back in 1996 by Focus Technology. This Chinese B2B marketplace is a leading Alibaba competitor you can trust.

The clear intention behind launching this international platform was to encourage small and medium local B2B companies to connect with foreign buyers. Made-in-China is a reputable organization known for offering quality support to all companies in getting them recognized on a global scale. They also offer businesses to get their products listed in a top 10 list. A limited product list increases the chances of you generating more inquiries.

5. EC21


EC21 is a Korean online B2B platform launched in 1997. Over the years, EC21 has managed to help many local Korean organizations export their products. They have managed to maintain a team of marketing experts who can help businesses grow online through top-notch social media and SEO marketing strategies.

EC21 initiated its premium services, which involves digital marketing in the year 2004. Since then, numerous local businesses have benefited by generating online presence. EC21 is currently most active in Russia, China, Malaysia, India and Korea. This Alibaba B2B competitor has over 2 million registered members, 7 million listed products, 3.5 million website traffic, and 3.5 million B2B buyers active. ­– No day goes by when these numbers don’t increase.

6. DHgate

DH Gate currently stands with a global rank of 1069. This Chinese site is one of the leading Alibaba competitors operating to promote local businesses online. DHgate has over 30 million listed products to choose from. Their motive is to help local Chinese suppliers and manufacturers deal with international clients. Also, this B2B market leader has helped 5 million users from over 227 nations.

Though China is a massive nation, you can’t rely on supplying to only local clients. In order to grow your business, you’ll have to enter the international grid. DHgate is a trustworthy platform to start your journey in dealing with global buyers.

To facilitate the growing demand of mobile users, DHgate has also launched its app for all iOS and Android users. Similar to TradeKey, DHgate also had to go through a phase where their services were being called a scam. However, their quality services helped them recover and manage to walk past that time.



ECVV is one of the top Alibaba competitors you could rely on. This platform was initially launched in 2003, and since then, they have facilitated thousands of B2B companies. They have dedicated to creating a close relationship between global suppliers and buyers smartly. Also, they offer top-of-the-line B2B marketing plans to help brands generate a strong online presence.

ECVV has over 2.5 million registered users. Also, they have helped close deals of businesses from over 220 countries. In 2011, the annual trade volume they recorded was over $5 billion. Also, the Shenzhen Government and the American International Business Council have recommended this online B2B portal.

8. ThomasNet

Thomas NET

ThomasNet can be considered a pioneer in connecting B2B companies. They have been around for over a hundred years. ThomasNet has dedicated their life long services to helping international businesses grow.

As technology was becoming an essential part of business, ThomasNet launched its online B2B platform. In addition, this portal helped B2B suppliers find the best global buyers to trade with. This online platform allows you to see business directories, product lists and digital tools to help you establish a better B2B marketing campaign.

ThomasNet has a target focus on most businesses that belong to the industrial sector. In fact, if you belong to the industrial sector and are manufacturing products, you should register your business on the Alibaba competitor for more leads and conversions.


HKTDC - Alibaba B2B competitors

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a leading B2B platform that was launched back in 1966 to improve Hong Kong’s trade. Currently, they have over 50 global offices to deal with global clients. They are responsible for organizing international B2B trade shows and conferences. In addition, their clear mission is to help SMBs in the international and Chinese market to grab business opportunities created by their smart and talented marketers.

HKTDC has over 120,000 registered suppliers from China, Hong Kong and other Asian nations. They offer services which help such businesses generate quality leads. If you want more inquiries for your products, register your B2B Company on this leading Alibaba B2B competitor.

10. EC Plaza

ecplaza - B2B competitors

EC Plaza was launched in 1996, and since then, this South Korean online B2B platform has managed to serve countless buyers and suppliers. This B2B website has over 1 million registered users. In addition, over 4 million offers are posted on this B2B portal daily. EC Plaza calls themselves one of the best global B2B e-Marketplaces to set foot in the online world.

Currently, EC Plaza is available in four languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English. This clearly shows that you’ll mostly find Asian B2B suppliers registered on this portal. Also, EC Plaza is known to offer export marketing service to its premium clients. You can find information related to leading importers, exporters, suppliers and manufacturers on this top wholesale B2B marketplace. EC Plaza is a strong Alibaba competitor doing wonders for B2B suppliers from Asia.

The Verdict: Which Alibaba Competitors To Sign up at?

Even if you are doing good running your B2B company, you can’t expect it to perform every year. Many leading B2B ventures have faced poor sales over the years due to economic hazards. Also, you may even experience a drop in your sales due to failure to use digital marketing techniques — that’s where the top online B2B marketplaces come to the rescue.

However, the real question that arises here is, “Which online B2B platform is the best?” To be honest, all the listed B2B portals are worth registering. In addition, most of these Alibaba competitors also offer exclusive packages for premium members which include digital services. Therefore, you should always register on more than one B2B platform to generate inquiries from all corners.