Five Ways AI Will Transform Your B2B Marketing Approach This Year

Five Ways AI Will Transform Your B2B Marketing Approach This Year

Are you familiar with robots getting involved in performing tasks? If you aren’t, then maybe its time that you start studying about how you can use artificial intelligence to grow your business and revamp your B2B marketing plan.

Machine learning or artificial intelligence is an innovative technology that allows programs and machines to operate and learn like human intelligence. In addition to gathering data analytics, AI is capable of actually responding to the data it collects. AI technology is proving to revolutionize entire industries like banking, eCommerce, medicine, and even B2B digital marketing. With its capability to analyze data, learn from it and offer solutions, it has become a crucial game-changer in the modern B2B environment. Without further ado, here are five ways you can use AI technology to leverage your B2B marketing outcomes this year.

1. Predictive Ad Content Can help run the Perfect Campaign

Running online ads has become a necessity for businesses operating in the modern environment. However, perfect ads require a lot of research, time, and resources to develop. On the other hand, after creating an ad copy, B2B marketers will have to consider A/B testing, record results than officially launch their ad campaign on a larger scale.

AI can make this process much more manageable. Over the past few years, with the help of marketing trends, big data analytics, and user preferences, AI created predictive ad content that displays a B2B companies message to their target audience.

If you are still utilizing traditional B2B marketing techniques, then you may only be able to target your ad to men below the age of 30. However, AI can help you narrow down your audience and help you show the ad those individuals only who may have an interest. This technology can assist you in targeting your audience with content that they would be interested in reading and clicking.

2. Utilize Chatbots to Enhance your Customer Support Network

According to research in 2018, around 35% of consumers are willing to see more companies using chatbots. However, only 0.5% of B2B companies have invested in chatbot technology. That means B2B marketers lack the benefits a chatbot can bring to both the brand and support network.

When it comes to utilizing digital marketing techniques, consumers expect a brand to be available on their websites and all social media platforms. Now that could turn out to be challenging for businesses, as availability 24/7 requires a team of active representatives. However, you can still make this possible by integrating chatbots into your support network. Chatbots should be used for all your communication channels. You could even use a service to enhance the quality of response that you can offer through a chatbot.

3. Predictive Production Suggestions can boost your Sales

Have you used Netflix or Amazon? If yes, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with how both these sites display suggestions according to the content you either searched for or viewed previously. This can help in both the marketing and decision-making process. However, in order for that to happen, you have to make sure your website is generating data and analytics of every user that enters your site. With that data, AI technology can evaluate a consumer’s behavior and suggest them items that they may be interested in.

Offering suggestions to customers is a pretty great technique. Many leading sites are currently utilizing this technique to increase their click-through rate, reduce their bounce rate and increase their conversion rate. Therefore, we believe that with this such AI tech, you can market your products on-page pretty comfortably.

4. Use of Speech Recognition and Voice Search

With the help of AI technology, you can introduce voice search on your website. In addition, you can also witness the rise of virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Home. These innovations can get into a conversation with you and provide you precisely what you are looking for.

Google is currently using its machine learning tool Rankbrain, to understand and learn all the voice searches made by consumers.

5. Automation Is the Future

Ever noticed a subscribe now popup show up as soon as you move your cursor to the tabs? Well that’s called an exit-intent popup. It’s a strategy used to request users to either subscribe or make up their mind regarding a product they were looking at. Basically, it’s your last chance to convince the client to convert. Such automated popups and plugins are great to increase engagement on your site and make it look more appealing.

Another great way to connecting with a person who left your site in the past is by sending emails. You can set target all those users that filled their carts, but never check out. You can set automated emails to remind such users after a specific number of days after they left. Though there are no guarantees that such customers will return, it’s worth a try as you already lost them. To make it more convincing you can also provide them with an exclusive offer if they opt to buy what they shortlisted during their previous visit. 

Wrap Up

AI is designed and introduced in this world to make B2B digital marketers save both money and time while running their campaigns. Shortly, labor-intensive tasks that involve humans are expected to be taken over by AI technology. Therefore, in order to excel in the modern B2B environment, B2B digital marketers must rely on AI technology to improve their efforts and make the most out their marketing campaigns.